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Lonnie Kapp


Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticsfloor exercises
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticshorizontal bar
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticsindividual all-around
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticsparallel bars
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticspommel horseSilver
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticsrings
Belgrade 1969Artistic Gymnasticsvault
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticsfloor exercises
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticshorizontal barGold
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticsindividual all-around
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticsparallel barsSilver
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticspommel horseSilver
Helsinki 1961Artistic Gymnasticsrings

Gender: M