Old Timer vs. Bikers of Today

Old Timer vs. Bikers of Today


Bobby Skedsmo, the Deaflympic Cyclist

The picture show Bobby at the 1977 Deaflympics in Romania. He stayed in Europe for a month. After the Games, he went on a tour to Spain and Morocco with Bob Morrison. He did not have a coach and team support. The cycling sport was still new in America until Greg LeMond became the first non-European professional cyclist to win the Tour of France in 1986.

The bikers of today bring a lot of heavy equipment with them to the world championships, Deaflympics and international competitions such as the following items; allen key, pedal spanner, tubes (minimum 4), 1- spare tire, tire lever, multi-tool, torque key, chain breaker, trainer roller, zip ties, torque wrench (allen 4,5,6), air pump, spoke wrenches, backup wheels (2 wheel sets), backup batteries, cable cutter, cassette remover, cassettes (2 of each: 23×11 and 25×11), nutrition food, snacks (off-bike), 4-5 bottles, two jerseys, helmet, two bibs and bike case. That’s a handful.

In 1977, Bobby brought only one good tube with sew-up kit, hairnet and minor tools. One water bottle! He fondly remembers the good old days.

Posted on January 25, 2015