This event is TONIGHT!

Hi USADSF community.

Friendly reminder, tonight is a milestone event. We will be celebrating our 75th anniversary at exactly 8pm EST on our Facebook- USADSF page. You don't want to miss stories, interviews, and congratulatories from all over the world!

Today marks the halfway point of the 5k race. As of today we've had over 300 participants sign up and we are at 52% of our goal of 2,500km! I’ve seen so many awesome sweat selfies on the app! Very exciting!! Some of you have asked me questions regarding the app.

I would like to take the time to explain how you can download the app..

what you can do is,

Make sure you download the AtlasGO app from the App Store. (Free) Once downloaded, you can click on the "GO" icon on the bottom of the screen. You will need to register with your name. You will be all set. When you are ready to start, Then you can click on live tracking (this is found on the bottom, with three options) where they will be able to track your distance. Or, you can feed your information manually. Once you've completed your walk,(hike) jog or run, the app will give you an option to save your progress and post a sweaty selfie. OR post at a latter time. Make sure you take a good selfie because we have great prizes for the best selfie. And, please don't forget to use the hashtag #USADSF75.

Remember, you don't need to stop at 5k! You can walk jog run more than 5k if you want to, once a day or few times a week or on a risky basis, until next Tuesday, Aug 18 when this challenge is over. That will help us tally up the miles.

We want to hit 2500km as a community! We have one more week left. We can do it.

See you tonight!

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