USADSF Spotlight with Noah - Virtual 5k

Noah: Hello! Welcome to the USADSF Spotlight with Noah. I am…

Noah: Hello?

Emelia: Never too late to run

Zalia and Zeux: HI!

Noah: Want to run a 5K run? Sign up!

Noah: Today’s spotlight, we will focus on the 5K event that USADSF will host starting yesterday and will continue in the next two weeks. We encourage you to sign up! This is the first time that USADSF has hosted a 5K run event virtually. Wow! What is this for, you may ask? Let me explain!

Noah: This 5K can be done by running, walking, wheelchair, or walker walk, up to you! This 5K event aims to increase diversity in United States of America deaf sports. How? With the funds raised, goes to Glenn B. Anderson Diversity and Equity Fund that is ready to support to break down financial barriers for our black, indegnious, and people of color (BIPOC) athletes. That is the purpose of this 5K event.

Noah:This is not only for a good cause but also, when you participate in this event, you will get things as well! When you complete a 5K, you will receive two items. First, you will get a medal that looks like this. Second, you will get two options on this item (that you choose one), T-Shirt or Tank Top. And, those who were the first 400 people to sign up will get this awesome can holder.

Noah: Make sure you all sign up for this 5K event and run with us! Until then, so long!

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