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About Orienteering

Orienteering as a sport was added to the Deaflympics in 1997. Competitors race against time as they use detailed maps and compasses to navigate through unfamiliar terrain, with the objective of reaching control points in sequence. Navigation specifications are dictated by the method of travel, which is usually by foot but can be done by car, canoe, bike or even skis.

Founded in 2008, USA Deaf Orienteering (USDO) is actively promoting the sport of Orienteering among deaf and hard of hearing persons across the nation. The USADSF assisted with the organization of the 2015 World Deaf Orienteering Championships in Rochester, NY.

Orienteering News

December 3, 2015

World Deaf Orienteering Championship featured in Orienteering North America

USA Deaf Orienteering, with the support of USA Deaf Sports Federation, hosted the World Deaf Orienteering Championships in Rochester, New York, in August 2015. “Orienteering North […]
November 14, 2014

2015 World Deaf Orienteering Championships

The World Deaf Orienteering Championships will be held in Rochester, New York, from August 5 to 9, 2015! More information will be posted at WWW.2015WDOC.ORG. Sponsorships, […]

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