USA Deaf Sports Federation is the official governing body of the United States’ representation in the Deaflympic Games. For over 70 years, USADSF has produced national champions, international record-breakers and hundreds of Deaflympic medalists.

Funding our athletes and the cost of competition is our greatest barrier to winning Gold. The burden of fundraising has had to be shouldered by our deaf and hard of hearing athletes and coaches, and oftentimes athletes pay out of pocket upwards of $5,000 to compete.

We need your support to send our athletes to international competitions, and take training and coaching to the next level. Help us develop the next generation of deaf and hard of hearing athletes. Please consider a donation or sponsorship to help our athletes represent the United States of America at the highest level.

It costs us over $5,000 per athlete to compete in the Deaflympics. Competition fees, travel, uniforms, equipment and more. Every dollar of your donation will support our athletes.

To donate, please select your preferred sport.

To donate by mail, send your money order or check to:

US Deaf Sports Federation
PO Box 22011
Santa Fe, NM 87502


You can make a difference with your $5 donation to USADSF! Support our deaf athletes. Have fun challenging others to do the same with our #Give5Tag5 fundraising campaign. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Go to and donate $5.

2. Take a selfie flashing the sign for five or holding a sign saying “I gave $5 in the #Give5Tag5 Challenge!” (We also have a downloadable template you can print here.) Be creative! There’s no hard and fast rules.

3. Post your selfie on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and tag five friends or family members challenging them to do the same.

Be sure to include #Give5Tag5 and tag USADSF in your post or tweet! We’ll be sharing some of our favorites on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

JOIN the challenge today and encourage others to take part, because #TogetherWeWin!

Additional ways you can support our athletes:

-Corporate Sponsorships & Marketing
-In-kind travel, apparel, equipment, or training
-Grants or line item funding
-Planned giving

Contact Danny Lacey at to talk more about how your Company or organization can get involved.