Nomination Procedure

USADSF Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

  • Any interested individual or group may name candidates for the USADSF Hall of Fame.
    • The nominator’s name shall not be disclosed.
    • It shall be the responsibility of the nominator to supply supporting materials, including the current address of the nominee.
    • A summary of the nominee’s qualifications, not to exceed 300 words, shall be prepared and included with the nomination.
    • Failure to submit complete information shall result in rejection of the nomination for consideration.
  • Persons who are nominated shall be deaf or hard of hearing citizens of the United States and shall be nominated based on their outstanding performances, integrity, sportsmanship, and character. No consideration shall be given to race, religion, creed, gender, or geographical residence.
  • In order to be eligible, players shall have been retired as active players in team sports for at least five years and shall have been out of high school for at least ten years.
  • Athletes still active in such sports for recreational purposes shall not be considered as active for the purpose of eligibility in the annual USADSF Hall of Fame nominations.
  • Athletes who are still active in sports other than that for which they are being nominated shall be eligible for election provided that they meet the provisions of subsection (C) above in the sport for which they are being nominated.
  • Coaches shall have been active in the coaching profession for at least ten years.
  • Leaders and writers shall have contributed at least ten years of service to sports.
  • Officials shall have been certified or accredited by a National Governing Body in at least one sport and shall have worked as an official of organized sports competition for at least fifteen years.
  • Elections in the category of Officials shall be limited to every even-numbered year at the discretion of the USADSF Hall of Fame, Awards and Recognition Committee. (At a later date, when a sufficient number of nominations of qualified individuals are received annually, this may be changed.)
  • The USADSF Hall of Fame, Awards and Recognition Committee, at its discretion, may elect “veteran” individuals whom they conclude are qualified for membership in the USADSF Hall of Fame but who have not previously received the minimum number of voting points to be elected or who may have previously been overlooked for nomination.
  • No elected officer of the Federation shall be eligible for nomination to the USADSF Hall of Fame while still in office.
  • No person shall be elected to more than one category of the USADSF Hall of Fame.

Nomination Form
The nomination form is available here in Adobe Acrobat format.

The deadline for return of all nomination papers is June 30 of each year.

Ballots and summaries are prepared by the USADSF Hall of Fame, Awards and Recognition Committee and distributed among 30 electors of the Federation for review and selection. Per USADSF bylaws, the electors consist of this committee’s members, the Executive Board, standing committees, Hall of Fame members, and appointed individuals from the community.

Selections are announced on October 1 of each year.

Committee Chair
The chair of the USADSF Hall of Fame, Awards and Recognition Committee is D. Cole Zulauf. He can be reached at