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Richard Martin Baraona


Washington DC 1965Cycling Road1000m sprint
Washington DC 1965Cycling Roadindividual road race
Washington DC 1965Cycling Roadindividual time trial5
Belgrade 1969Cycling Road1000m sprint
Belgrade 1969Cycling Roadindividual road race6
Belgrade 1969Cycling Roadindividual time trialSilver
Malmo 1973Cycling Road1000m sprint7
Malmo 1973Cycling Roadindividual road raceSilver
Malmo 1973Cycling Roadindividual time trialSilver
Bucharest 1977Cycling Road1000m sprint8
Bucharest 1977Cycling Roadindividual road race7
Bucharest 1977Cycling Roadindividual time trialBronze

Born: 1947

Gender: M