Caxias do Sul 2022

US Deaflympic VIP Support Card

HEY!  Are you a VIP supporter?  No? That’s okay, you still have time!  Today, you can join many others to support the 2021 US Deaflympic Team!  When you donate $50 or more to any of our fund options on our website, we will send you a VIP card!  It’s a simple way to show our athletes that our nation is behind our team!   They need your support. Our goal is to reach 1000 supporters behind these athletes who are working hard to represent the U.S..  For those who have already supported the team this year, you will receive your VIP card very soon!  

When you receive your VIP card, proudly share it with others and encourage them to scan the QR code, donate and receive their card too!  Help us reach our goal and inspire our national team! Help carry our team to Brazil!  Then save the card as a souvenir.  

Thank you and don’t forget to go to the link below and join our VIP support team! USA…it’s time!  let’s go!