15th Edition of USA Deaf Elite Volleyball Camp Completed

June 24, 2014 Indianapolis, IN - The 15th edition of the USA Deaf Elite Volleyball Camp (DEVC) is in the books after a dynamic and intense 4-day session held at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) from June 15-19. An exceptional unit of camp staff was on hand to guide and train campers through drills, game situations, video analysis and live games against local city teams. The camp also welcomed guest coach and speaker, Butler University standout Kelly Kyle, fresh off competing in the 2013 Summer Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria. The camp roster was headlined by 16 of the top deaf volleyball players from 6 different states (Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Maryland and New Mexico). 7 deaf schools were represented. In attendance were 6 seniors, 4 juniors and 6 emerging sophomores. Awards were presented at the end of camp (See award list). Formerly called the B&B High Potential Deaf Volleyball Camp, the transition into the current USA Deaf Elite Volleyball Camp was crucial in order to establish a direct pipeline to the national deaf team. It also included an expansion of camp programs. In 2013, instead of the traditional camp setting, 8 of the top deaf high school players in the nation were invited to play for the national U-18 squad. In 2015, the U-18 squad will return to Phoenix to compete in the Phoenix Volleyball Festival. ( Special thanks go to the Indiana School for the Deaf for hosting the camp. For more information about the Deaf Elite Volleyball Camp programs, please contact Stacy Nowak at
2014 Deaf Elite Volleyball Camp Awards Most Accurate Server – JamiLee Hoglind Best Pepper Players – Raelyn Fuechtmann & JamiLee Hoglind Drill Master – Alana Smith 2 on 2 Champions – Adele Daniels & Amberley Luna 4 on 4 Champions – Brianna Dike, Raelyn Fuechtmann, Amberley Luna, Megan Lockner Most Improved Camper – Kaitlyn Weeks “Attitude is Everything” – Brianna Dike & Alana Smith Most Outstanding Camper – Adele Daniels Most Promising Camper – Shua Clay Believe and Achieve” Award – Adele Daniels
Elite Deaf Volleyball All-Star Squad Brianna Dike (Fremont) Setter Megan Lockner (Florida) Opposite Hitter Raelyn Fuechtmann (Indiana) Outside Hitter JamiLee Hoglind (Indiana) Outside Hitter Karita Lewis (Maryland) Outside Hitter Alana Smith (Riverside) Outside Hitter Adele Daniels (Fremont) Middle Hitter Shua Clay (Florida) Middle Hitter Isabella Paulone (Indiana) Libero
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