Becca Meyers Completes Paralympics with Two Medals

September 8, 2012 The 2011 USADSF Athlete of the Year, Rebecca Meyers, closes the curtain on 2012 with stellar swims in the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke.  After a slow morning 200 IM, Meyers clearly felt better in the pool for the evening as she outtouched Kelly Becherer, USA Paralympian star, for silver. Her swim of 2:30.13 can be seen on Youtube. Meyers missed the final heat by a mere three-tenths of a second in the 100 breaststroke. Mark Meyers, Becca's father, quoted in an email "...she swam her heart out... she has had the time of her life!  Ranked 9th in the world in breaststroke is not so bad especially after winning a bronze and a silver." Becca should be enjoying a follow-up week as she will attend a Olympic/Paralympic dinner Thursday along with a white house visit Friday. As the usual swimmer looks for something as a finishing taste to taper-season, Mark mentioned "First thing [Becca] wanted was a Mcflurry from McDonalds now that she is out of training mode!" (The United States Deaf Swimming organization wants to congratulate Becca on her phenomenal swim season.  We are proud to have witnessed great swims from Team USA!)
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