Bowling struggles in women's team play

By Griffin O'Hara Media Writer

SOFIA, Bulgaria - The U.S. Bowling Team's woes continued during women's team play Wednesday as the bowlers fought for every pin fall but struggled to adjust to international competition and had problems staying relaxed during matches.

“It was a good game today, but we were a little bit off," Sharon Rutherford said.

The U.S. came in ninth with a total of 3,878 pin falls. Korea won, with a total of 4,632 points.

Cheyenne Bryant had the most total pin falls for the U.S., with 1,006. Jennifer Kutcka had 991; Sharon Rutherford, 955; and Jerilyn Keller, 926.

Johnny McLean, a bowler on the men’s team, said it seemed like the entire team was struggling with the international playing field, on top of different oil patterns on the lanes.

“It really makes a difference when the oil (on the lanes) burns down," McLean said. “I have to learn how to adjust to the low/high oil volume."

In spite of the struggles, Jennifer Kutcka remained positive, saying “It was my first Olympics. It was a good experience.”

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