John Klish of Colorado

John Klish of Colarado

John Klish, 30, was born with bilateral hearing loss, which in other words means profoundly deaf.  He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in mechanical engineering while racing on the collegiate cycling team.  However, in October 2005, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, putting both his career and cycling aspirations on hold.  Following surgeries and chemotherapy, he went into remission April 2006 and he quickly picked up where he left off in his endeavors. Moving to the mountain community of Eagle in Colorado, Klish worked as a road engineer while honing his mountain bike racing on the area's alpine trails.  His breakthrough season came in 2010, during which he entered 26 races and climbed the podium in 23 of them.  It was during this summer that Klish began competing in triathlons and picked up a new addiction, XTERRAs, or off-road triathlons.  He won the XTERRA National Championships for his age group that year in Ogden, Utah. More information at his website.  Klish is now with the USA cycling team to the Tour of Formosa this November. Posted on August 29, 2012
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