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Go for the Gold with Phillip Smith, Jr, a hopeful Deaflympic bowling athlete

2021 Apr 30
Phillip Smith, Jr., a hopeful Deaflympic bowler athlete stays focused on his game by thinking "One Ball, One Frame, One Game"
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USADSF Special Message

2021 Apr 24
USADSF Board President Danny Lacey shares a special message on behalf of USADSF on the verdict of George Floyd.
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Virtual Fitness Challenge PRIZES!

2021 Apr 23
Win one of these cool PRIZES as you join our Virtual Fitness Challenge. Eve Wood-Jacobowitz, our USADSF intern explains how prizes are given away.
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USADSF Virtual Fitness Challenge - May 1-15.

2021 Apr 20
Lets earn GOLD medals together! Win Prizes! How does this work? How do I register? What are the fitness challenges I can do? How do I earn medals? Watch this video to find answers to these questions.
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Go for the Gold with Lynn Ray Boren, USA Deaf Women Volleyball Head Coach

2021 Apr 15
Let's take a peek in how our USA Deaf Women Volleyball team is being prepared for the Summer Deaflympics with Head Coach Lynn Ray Boren. As a team, their goal is to bring home GOLD!
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Press Release: Virtual Fitness Challenge 2021

2021 Apr 13
Noah Valencia explains our first Virtual Fitness Challenge and how you can join us starting on May 1-15 to support our deaf and hard of hearing athletes attending Summer Deaflympics in Brazil on May 1-15 2022. Registration information is explained here or go to
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USA Deaf Wrestling Head Coach - open position

2021 Apr 08
Calling for interested candidates to coach our USA Deaf Wrestling Team for the Summer Deaflympics in Brazil next May 1-14 2022. Application Deadline: April 24, 2021. Please contact our Wrestling NSO Representative: David Nathanson at

Seeking Deaf Male and Female Shooters for the USA Deaf Shooting Team

2021 Apr 08
The shooting events are 10 meter air rifle and pistol gun using .177 caliber, 50 meter rifle and/or pistol using .22 caliber. If you are interested in participating please contact USA Deaf Shooting National Representative, Richard Soboleski at
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A Sneak Peek of an upcoming event!

2021 Apr 02
USADSF Executive Director, Jim Crane is sharing with you some exciting news about an upcoming event that will involve everyone, including children.
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Go for the Gold with Joey Greegor, a hopeful Deaflympic cycling athlete

2021 Apr 01
Joey Greegor shares his training journey, with both Mountain Bike and Road Cycling in this time amidst the pandemic.
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Women's Herstory Month Compilation

2021 Mar 31
Over the past month, USADSF has been celebrating Women's Herstory Month. This was accomplished through interviews and highlights posted throughout our social media platforms. In case you missed the celebration, we have compiled the post images and interviews into one video for your convenience.
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USADSF Medical Commission's FAQ

2021 Mar 29
Medical Commission develops this FAQ to help answer USA Deaf Team questions regarding to COVID-19, training camps, vaccination and international travels.
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Leadership Opportunities on USADSF Women's Commission

2021 Mar 28
USADSF is establishing a Women's Commission. The purpose of this Commission is to promote equal opportunities for girls and women in Deaf sports. Members of the Commission will advise USADSF and its National Sports Organization on policies reqarding women in Deaf Sports.
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Go for the Gold with Emelia Beldon, a hopeful Deaflympic basketball athlete

2021 Mar 18
Emelia Beldon shares her vegan story, while cooking, with one of her favorite protein recipes while in training.
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Go for the Gold with Mia White, a member of the US Deaf Women's National Soccer Team

2021 Mar 04
Mia White, shares how she is staying ahead of the game when it comes to training during the pandemic. Training outdoors in Rochester, NY weather has its challenges as well! However, White is determined to win the gold!
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USA Deaf Sports Federation celebrates Black History.

2021 Feb 25
USA Deaf Sports Federation recognizes, honors, and celebrates all our Black athletes of the past, in the present, and in the future.
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Go for the Gold with Hannah Wetzel, a hopeful Deaflympic Track and Field athlete

2021 Feb 18
Hannah Wetzel, a Track and Field Deaflympic hopeful shares her training schedule and tips how she stays motivated.
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2021 Summer Deaflympics update

2021 Feb 09
USADSF Executive Director, Jim Crane gives an update on the recent postponement announcement regarding the 2021 Summer Deaflympics.
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Go for the Gold with Yeh Kim, a hopeful Deaflympic Orienteering athlete.

2021 Feb 04
Yeh Kim shares his inspiring story on how he learned about Orienteering.
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US Deaflympic VIP Support Card

2021 Feb 02
The US Deaflympic Team needs your support. Learn more about how you can support the team by becoming a VIP Supporter. Receive your VIP Support card and proudly represent as the team behind the US Deaflympic Team!
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2021 Summer Deaflympics Kickoff -

2021 Jan 14
Today we introduce you to a new video series entitled "Go for the Gold!". Please welcome Noah Valencia, 2021 Deaflympic hopeful (basketball), as he leads us on a brief tour of the 24th Summer Deaflympics location and sports venues in Brazil and shares the vision of our "Go for the Gold!" series.
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Head Coach for Women's Basketball Team - Open Position

2020 Dec 30
Deadline is Jan. 8th - Please spread the word to your basketball community. We need your help in bringing in the most qualified person to fill this position for the USA Deaf Basketball Women's National Team for 2021 Summer Deaflympics.
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Why your gift matters.

2020 Dec 18
Deaflympian, Jonathan Kessel shares insight on challenges raising funds as a Deaflympian.
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Big News! And we need your help today.

2020 Dec 01
Also, learn about the USADSF Torch Bearers!