Team USA Golf Wins the Men's Seniors at the World Deaf Golf Championships

On July 22 - 28, the 2018 World Deaf Golf Championships was hosted at the Carton House in Maynooth, Ireland. A record 114 participants from 17 countries competed in all three divisions - Men, Women and Seniors. The weather all week was unbelievably warm with some winds and no chance of rain. The last time the World Deaf Golf Championships (WDGC) was hosted in Ireland (in 2002), there was four days of rain, so Team USA was pleased to find better conditions this time. Women’s: Diksha Dagar of India shot another beautiful round with 70 (women’s par is 74) and this is minus 4. The total is -17, a new record for this division. Ms. Dagar is only 17 and it is predicted she will become a professional soon. 2nd place went to both 25-year old Andre Hjellegjerde of Norway who came here with her caddy and coach, and 13-year old German Podbicanin Gonzales who also played at the 2016 WDGC in Denmark. Men’s Paul Waring of England won with 68 (-4 for four rounds - a new record) by 11 strokes. He is 22 years old and his goal is to become a professional. He lost to Allen John of Germany in the 2016 WDGC in Denmark and again at the 2017 Deaflympics. Allen is now competing in the professional tour competition in Europe, where he won 2nd place at the prestigious German Porsche tournament recently. Jack McLeod of Australia came in 2nd and Team USA's Brandon Babineaux aka BBX got 3rd place. Senior Men’s This was the most exciting of all three categories! Keith Worek of Team USA won by just one stroke over Mark Lothian of Scotland. Mark was 2 strokes behind on the 16th hole. He made an eagle on the 17th to tie with Keith but he bogeyed the last hole even though he made a long putt about 15 feet. Tim Dapp of Team USA made a birdie putt about 25 feet on the last hole to tie with Don Conway of Ireland for 3rd place, however Tim got the trophy as he scored 37 on the last 9 to Don’s 38. Teams Team USA Women placed in 3rd Place as the Germans won 1st place with the help of a 13 and 15 years old who shot in the 70’s by some 30 strokes over the 2nd place 'Aussie' from Australia. The Australia men won over Team USA by 17 strokes. England came in 3rd Place. Team USA Seniors won 1st place over the stubborn Irish by 9 strokes. Scotland placed 3rd. It will be the last time that two men add to the scores. Starting in 2020, three men will be counted towards the scores. The Super Senior Champion (Age 65+) goes to Gerald Isobe of Team USA (Hawaii). He is 67 years old and came here as an individual. He won over Mike Finneran of USA by three strokes. Congratulations, Gerald and Mike! The Junior Men Champion (Under 18) goes to Andre Pasuram of Finland. This was the first award of this kind for the WDGC and we hope it will draw more young golfers to WDGC as there is no age minimum to compete. If you want more details go to the link here: Many thanks to the Irish Deaf Golf Association with Paul Ryder’s leadership for doing a wonderful job in making the 2018 WDGC a big success. Honestly, there is no better place other than the WDGC for having a fun competition and socializing with other deaf golfers. Team USA looks forward to participating in the next WDGC which will be hosted by England in 2020. For more information please check this website: For US Deaf Golf Association, please contact Mike Finneran, President. [caption id="attachment_9496" align="alignnone" width="320"]unnamed (4) Team USA Golf[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9492" align="alignnone" width="320"]unnamed (1) Team USA Women[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9493" align="alignnone" width="320"]unnamed (2) Team USA Men[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9494" align="alignnone" width="320"]unnamed (3) Team USA Seniors[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9495" align="alignnone" width="240"]unnamed Keith Worek wins first place in the Seniors[/caption]
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