Tour of Formosa in Taiwan

Tour of Formosa at Taiwan

Trevor Kosa - Bobby Skedsmo - Nick Schreiber

The USA cycling team is invited to participate in the international cycling event known as the Tour de Formosa in Taiwan on November 1-10, 2012. The following members of the USA cycling team are:

  • Nick Schreiber, Arizona
  • Trevor Kosa, Washington
  • John Klish, Colorado Bobby Skedsmo is the Team Director.  They will have 7 stage races running around the country.  The committee of the Taipei cycling organization will provide meals, local transportation and accommodations.  This type of stage race is excellent experience for them because it is at most sanctioned for the professional racing and international cycling event.  They are fortunate to grasp this great opportunity.  It will be about 100 miles each stage race across the varied terrains.  The first stage race will be a closed circuit around the heart of Taipei near where the Yangmingshan National Park is.Posted on August 30, 2012
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