USA Deaf Federation unveils new Strategic Plan

USA Deaf Sports Federation has unveiled its 2013 Strategic Plan for the restructuring of the operations of the Federation and the deaf/hard of hearing athletes it represents. The plan was originally developed by a team of members of the Federation, including two Board members and one former Deaflympian in New Mexico last April. The Plan was shared with the Board for its review and it will be finalized at an October Executive Board meeting in Washington, DC. The plan outlines eight action steps the Federation will complete within a two-year time frame. The eight focus areas are:
  1. Development of a new mission, vision, and value statements.
  2. Commitment to diversity.
  3. Implement organizational restructure.
  4. Revisit and update organizational policies and procedures.
  5. Establish a marketing program.
  6. Establish a fundraising program.
  7. Establish a Home Office.
  8. Establish a foundation.
Mark Apodaca, Chief Financial Officer, is the chair of the Federation's Strategic Plan Committee. "The plan is looking at returning to the AAAD [American Athletic Association for the Deaf] structure," said Apodaca. The Federation recognizes the need to revert back to the operational structure that was in place from 1945 to 1997, when it was restructured to its present operating system. It has been ineffective for all National Sports Organizations and the Federation to meet the needs of the athletes, especially Deaflympians. "During the House of Delegates meeting in November, the Board will present this Plan for approval and will proceed to meet the deadlines set in the Strategic Plan," added Apodaca. The annual House of Delegates is scheduled to take place at Gallaudet University during the weekend of November 9-10, 2013. The Federation is welcoming public input and feedback on the 2013 Strategic Plan. Please direct all feedback to Mark Apodaca at  
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