USADSF announces logo contest

Since 1945, USADSF has had two different logos for the Federation. Now, the Executive Board says it's time for a new look. The USA Deaf Sports Federation is announcing a logo contest to select a new logo for the Federation. The winning design will receive a $500 Visa gift card. The two logos that USADSF has used had distinctive symbolism in their designs, as both had red, white, and blue coloring, and had a shield design in them. The Board has recommended that the new logo feature symbolism that incorporates sign language, handshapes, and the visual element of "sports" in it. USADSF wishes to see a logo that has the three colors of red, white, and blue along with the words USADSF or USA Deaf Sports Federation and a distinctive visual symbolism of "sports". Logo entries must be sent in JPEG format. The Board welcomes all submissions from anyone. For submission procedures, please watch the YouTube video. All submissions must be electronically sent in by December 31, 2012. All submissions should be emailed to
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