USADSF Medical Commission - Return to Play Guidelines, series 1

Greetings Deaf Sports Community,

On behalf of USADSF Medical Commission, we want to present the first of few “Return to Play” guidelines that we will share over time. This guideline is based on current guidelines as developed by CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This guideline is designed specifically towards NSO leaders; team leaders; coaches and family members opening to any athlete related activities all over the USA. I would like to emphasize that these guidelines are designed for activities taking place, only in the USA, not internationally, we are not there yet.

With this current situation, dealing with COVID-19, things do change on a daily basis, based on regional areas in the USA. If you want to open an area for training, I would suggest that you check in with your state and local guidelines to determine if you can go ahead to host a training or an event in that regional area. The purpose of this Return to Play guidelines is in generally for USADSF activities, such as tryouts; lessons; scrimmages; practices; camps; clinics; combines; showcases or, lastly tournaments.

Please keep your eyes open for the next guidelines that will focus on different phases on the timetable on Return to Play.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Medical Commission,

Stay Safe. Thank you

Guidelines to for our athletes to return to play during COVID19 pandemic safely.

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