USADSF Spotlight with Noah Special Edition #1

Noah: Hello! Welcome to the USADSF Spotlight with Noah special edition. This special edition spotlight will shift on celebrating the 75th anniversary of USADSF. This will be shown on Fridays from now to on, where we will answer the questions that will be shown on Trivia Thursdays. Along with that, we will provide background information relating to the answer in this video format.

Noah: The answer to yesterday’sThursday trivia question is that AAUD (American Athletic Union for the Deaf) was founded in 1945. It was founded with a goal to enhance the deaf sports clubs across the country and to promote the United States’s participation in international competitions. Moreover to the year of 1957, the people discussed and determined that AAUD did not describe their organization well so they changed the name to AAAD (American Athletic Association for the Deaf). They changed the name in 1957. And the times go on. The logo used to look like this:

Noah points to his left shoulder where the AAAD logo is shown in a patch style.

Noah: As the times went by, until 1997, the board discussed again and determined that AAAD did not represent the concept of representing the country in international competitions. They heavily focused on the two sports which were basketball and softball. It was decided that they would change the name to USADSF which we currently use: United States of America Deaf Sports Federation. It was felt that it was a better fit to this organization. From this point to now, the years added up to 75 where we celebrate the 75 year anniversary. From 1945 to 2020, that explains our current logo.

The 75th anniversary logo of USADSF is shown above Noah’s left shoulder.

Noah: Do you see this? This is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of founding this organization.

The screen fades to black.

Noah: This summarizes our USADSF’s history, starting out as AAUD (American Athletic Union for the Deaf) to our current title: USADSF, a total of 75 years. And this will always continue for many more years! Until then, so long.

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