USDS Coach Bill Snape's Top 10 Olympic Thoughts

August 7, 2012 Note: At least once per month leading up to the Deaflympics in Bulgaria, July-August 2013, Coach Snape will write an article of sorts that imparts information, opinion and humor to the swimmers (and their family and friends) seeking to be a part of the U.S. Deaf National Swim Team next summer.  As always, you are free to communicate one-on-one via email, facebook or phone.  GO USA!  GO US DEAF SWIMMING (USDS)! 10-Ryan Lochte swam too many events close together, and swimming two 200 finals on the same evening is dangerous even for the incredibly gifted and dedicated swimmer (such as Ryan)! 9-Michael Phelps used the disappointment of his 400 IM and his very good next relay swim (4 x 100 Free Relay) to fuel a turn-around during the Olympic meet.  His ability to bounce back from several “low” points was as impressive as his eight golds four years ago in my view. 8-The US team was incredibly deep with an array of different young, old, stroke swimmers who either medaled or contributed to the success of the relays.  Team spirit and composition still matter! 7-Frequently, athletes from other sports – e.g., Andy Murray (finally beating Roger Federer) from tennis, the U.S. women’s soccer team, “blade” runner Oscar Pistorius from South Africa – can demonstrate the heart of a champion as much a great swim or swimmer! 6-World Championships are a useful indicator, but not an absolute predictor, in determining success at Olympics/Deaflympics.  You must be prepared for every race as it comes! 5-There is still nothing like a personal best time (PB).  Do a PB, and the rest almost always takes care of itself! 4-Always finish hard! 3-Always start smart! 2-Deaf World Swim Championships were exactly one year ago.  Deaflympics start in slightly less than one year from today.  Hard not to be excited! 1-More details to come in my next note by the end of this month, but basically:  if you make “several” USDS approved time- cuts (times can be found in the 2013 Athlete Criteria) and are willing to raise up to $6000, you will almost certainly be recommended to USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) for Deaflympics Swimming approval (one caveat is that we are likely allowed only three entries per individual event at Deaflympics). Click here for more information on how to make the 2013 Deaflympic USDS team
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