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Pan American Sports Committee for the Deaf (COPANDES) was founded December 8, 1971 in Buenos Aires Argentina. The organization was inactive from 1975 to 1994 when CISS Vice-President John M. Lovett and Secretariat Donalda Ammons met with representatives from 4 countries in Caracas, Venezuela and re-established the organization under the name of Pan American Sports for the Deaf (PANAMDES).  More information can be found:


Pan American Deaf Basketball News

July 3, 2016

Pan American Deaf Basketball – Opening Ceremony and Game 1 & 2

Observations and Anecdotes contributed by Laura Edwards and Shirley Platt…. Welcome to beautiful Frederick, Maryland, home of the esteemed Maryland School for the Deaf, and site […]
July 2, 2016


Pan American Basketball is proud to provide live video streams of the basketball games. Please go to the schedule to view the live streams.