Procedures: Hosting World and Regional Championships

This guide outlines the official procedures for hosting an ICSD-sanctioned world and regional championships in the United States.

USA Deaf Sports Federation is the official governing body of Deaf Sports in the United States, and an International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) recognized National Deaf Sports Federation. National Sports Organizations affiliated with the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF), and in good standing, shall be eligible to apply for the privilege to host world and regional championships sanctioned by the ICSD.

Due to liability and insurance, ad hoc committees are not eligible to apply at this time, although USADSF may consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

The following procedure outlines required steps to apply for the privilege to host an ICSD-sanctioned world or regional championships in the United States:

  1. The interested National Sports Organization(s) shall ensure that they are in good standing.
    1. To be considered "in good standing," the NSO shall be current on all outstanding fees and balances and furnish the following:
      1. List of current Board of Directors
      2. Current Bylaws, as approved by NSO's Board of Directors
    2. USADSF may request additional criteria as needed.
  2. The Event and the International Sports Federation governing the Event must be in compliance with ICSD's World Deaf Regulations and/or Deaflympics Regulations
  3. The interested NSO(s) shall submit a letter of intent addressed to the USADSF Board of Directors.
  4. The interested NSO(s) shall draft a Charter to form the Organizing Committee. The Charter shall be submitted to the USADSF for final approval before the Organizing Committee can officially begin its activities. A template is available here.
    1. The charter shall outline the following:
      1. Purpose
      2. Composition of the Committee
      3. Roles and Responsibilities
      4. Reporting and Frequency of Meetings
      5. Budgets and Finances
      6. Decision Making
      7. Disputes and Resolutions
      8. Dissolution
    2. USADSF may request additional criteria as needed.
  5. The NSO shall agree to pay a USADSF hosting fee of up to five percent (5%) of net proceeds from the Championships or $2,500, whichever is less. This amount shall cover USADSF staff time relating to providing logistical and operational support for the Event. The Organizing Committee shall also expect to cover an agreed-upon budget for any direct expenses incurred by USADSF relating to the hosting of the Championship.
  6. Once USADSF issues a Certificate of Approval, the Organizing Committee may, with USADSF, submit a bid to the ICSD or ICSD-sanctioned sports organization. The Organizing Committee may also proceed with all its activities. Oversight

Once the Certificate of Approval is issued, USADSF expects the Organizing Committee to conduct the activities required to meet its obligations in good faith and in accordance with the USADSF code of conduct and all laws and regulations under federal, state, local, or other jurisdiction. USADSF reserves the right to suspend the activities of the Organizing Committee at any time and to revoke the Certificate of Approval if the Organizing Committee fails to satisfactorily meet its obligations in a timely and reasonable manner.

Approved 4 Oct 2021