Bowling - Staff Selection Criteria

Munich 2023

This selection policy has been agreed upon by the USA Deaf Bowling (USADB) and the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF). It provides details regarding the process by which USADB will arrive at staff nominations. These nominations will be submitted to USADSF for consideration and for final selection as a staff on the USA Deaf Bowling roster for the World Deaf Bowling Championships in Munich, Germany (hereinafter called the "Games").


1.To prepare USA Deaf bowling athletes/teams for success in the sport of bowling.
2. To recruit athletes for USA Deaf Bowling.
3. To choose their own assistant coach in according to criteria.


2.1 Minimum eligibility requirements for staff to be considered for selection to the roster:

2.1.1 Nationality/Passport requirements: Staff must be a national of the United States at the time of nomination. Staff must hold a valid U.S. passport that will not expire for six months after the conclusion of the Games and 6 months prior to the Games. Except for USA-hosted Games, the staff must possess a valid government-issued identity card.

2.1.2 Have the ability to work effectively with USADSF.

2.1.3 Have strong administrative, communication and organizational skills.

2.1.4 Be responsible for Team's adherence to all rules regarding discipline at the Games.

2.1.5 Fulfill all duties and requirements of the USADSF including attendance at USADSF Games related meetings.

2.1.6 Must be present at all times for the entire duration of the Games.

2.1.7 Possess high level, specific technical and tactical knowledge of the sport.

2.1.8 Have thorough knowledge and understanding of the International Sport Federation (IF) rules and regulations governing the sport.

2.1.9 Demonstrate ability to establish harmonious relationships with athletes and other Team personnel.

2.1.10 Be in good health and able to withstand the physical rigors of traveling with and working with the Team.

2.1.11 Be listed on USA Deaf Bowling's team roster and must have successfully completed all Games Registration requirements by the stated deadline.

2.1.12 Participate in U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) training as required for position (if applicable).

2.1.13 Successfully completed the U.S. Center for SafeSport awareness training and education program.

2.1.14 Sign a USA Deaf Bowling Code of Conduct for the current year.

2.1.15 Can not participate as an athlete.

2.2 Selection process for candidates to be considered as a staff member for the National Team:

Coach Brad Hagen was selected as the USA Deaf Bowling Coach for 2022 Summer Deaflympics where the bowling event was eliminated from the Deaflympics unexpectedly. As previously agreed, his team has been extended to the World Deaf Bowling Championship event.

2.3 Selection Committee:

2.3.1 The USA Deaf Bowling Selection Committee is comprised of the following members:

• N/A -

2.3.2 Any member of the selection committee that has a possible conflict of interest must disclose it. If such conflict exists, the selection committee member must recuse themselves from the committee discussions and voting. Further, the committee member shall not otherwise influence other members of the committee in the selection process.


3.1 Prior to entry by name to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, USA Deaf Bowling has jurisdiction over potential nominees.

3.1.1 Voluntary withdrawal. Staff must submit a written letter to the USA Deaf Bowling Executive Director.

3.1.2 Failure to participate in mandatory training and/or competitions.

3.1.3 Violation of USA Deaf Bowling Code of Conduct - MISSING FILE.

3.1.4 If for any reason, USA Deaf Bowling believes that it may not be safe for athletes or other staff to have this individual on the roster between the time of appointment and the event, USA Deaf Bowling retains the right to remove the staff.

3.2 Once staff entries have been submitted to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, the USADSF has jurisdiction over the Team rosters.

3.2.1 Voluntary withdrawal. Staff must submit a written letter to the USADSF Team Leader.

3.2.2 Failure to participate in for mandatory training and/or competitions.

3.2.3 Violation of USADSF Code of Conduct.

3.4 A staff may be removed as a nominee to the roster or from the roster for an adjudicated violations of U.S. Center for SafeSport Code and policies, as applicable.


4.1 Prior to entry by name to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, USA Deaf Bowling has jurisdiction over potential nominees.

4.1.1 John Wukasch Jr - Team Leader

In the case that Coach Brad Hagen is unable to coach at site, John Wukasch Jr will be the point of contact, carrying on Coach Brad Hagen's instructions to the team.

4.2 Once staff entries have been submitted to the USA Deaf Sports Federation, the USADSF has jurisdiction over the entries. The staff will be replaced at the discretion of the USADSF.

If the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), USADSF or Games Organizing Committee (GOC) requires different replacement procedures within a certain time period before the Games or after official nomination of the Final Roster to the USADSF, such procedures for replacement shall be followed.


5.1 USA Deaf Bowling will retain the approved Selection Procedures and all supporting documents, forms, and all data from the selection process for six months past the date of the Closing Ceremony of the Games.


6.1 In addition to the USADSF Code of Conduct, the following documents are required to be signed by the staff as a condition for nomination to the World Deaf Bowling Championships and are included as attachments:

Not Available.


7.1 The USADSF approved Selection Procedures (complete and unaltered) will be posted/published within ten (10) days of approval by the USA Deaf Sports Federation Board of Directors.

7.2 Information shall be published:

7.2.1 on the USADSF website (


8.1 The selection of staff form will be submitted to USADSF on or before 26 Apr 2023.

8.2 The newly appointed staff will be announced publicly only after USADSF approves the selection.


9.1 All staff have a right to obtain due process. Refer to USA Deaf Bowling's procedures below:


In the event the USADSF Bowling receives a grievance from a complaint or an audit report from the Governance Committee or a fellow Team Member who has violated the USADSF Bowling Code of COnduct and not in compliance, the USADSF and Bowling Advisors shall implement a designated review panel. The designated review panel shall create a written report of its recommendation and justification to the USADSF Board. The USADSF Board will determine whether:

- To place the Member on probation for a specified period of time, not to exceed 180 days, which it considers necessary to enable the member from participating in future team trial events or to decertify the member Indefinitely.

The Bowling Committee may then adopt the USADSF Board's recommendation, in whole, of the committee's findings with justification.

Any sports organization or committee may seek to replace a member or coaching staff member or a particular sport by following steps in the Application to Replace a NSO if anyone who doesn't comply or adheir to the USADSF Bowling's Code of Conduct & USADSF Bylaws.

9.2 If the selection criteria and the grievance procedures were not followed properly, see STAFF GRIEVANCES AND COMPLAINTS.


10.1 These procedures are based on ICSD, as applicable, and/or WTBA rules and regulations as presently known and understood. Any change in the selection procedures caused by a change in ICSD, as applicable, and/or WTBA rules and regulations will be distributed to the affected staff immediately. The selection criteria are based on the latest information available to USA Deaf Bowling. However, the selections are always subject to unforeseen, intervening circumstances, and realistically may not have accounted for every possible contingency.

If any force of nature, or force majeure, should cause the altercation or cancellation of any of the selection events listed in this document, these selection procedures will be revised, pursuant to their resubmission to the USADSF.


11.1 If a staff has questions regarding their opportunity to apply that are not answered by USA Deaf Bowling, they may contact the USADSF Executive Director, . If the Executive Director does not respond within 3 business days, the complaint may then contact the USADSF President, Jeffrey Mansfield at


12.1 This document certifies that USADB individuals on the Selection Committee understand the standards/criteria set by ICSD, IF, and/or USADSF and have incorporated those standards/criteria into the Selection Procedures. These individuals certify that the information provided herein regarding Staff Selection Procedures represents the method approved by USA Deaf Bowling.