$4,000: Average Out-Of-Pocket Expenses of USADSF Athletes for equipment and travel.

$1,600: Average Out-Of-Pocket Expenses of USADSF Athletes for training expenses (private coaches, gym memberships, personal trainers).

If USADSF athletes had unlimited money, they would prepare differently by:

  1. Less fundraising, more focus on preparing
  2. I would hope team/coaching meetings throughout the year and actively recruit coaches and athletes.
  3. I would love to be able to work full time as the US Deaf Tennis Coach and commit to training our current athletes and recruiting potential athletes.
  4. Would be able to get together for a training camp with coaches available (and paid for their time – because time is money and they gots to pay the bill). This gets the team morale up and strengthens the competition level
  5. More training time and the ability to take time off from work is difficult due to the limited number of hours allotted per year to vacation and PTO.
  6. As the hockey players are from all across the United States, it would be great for them to get together more than once a year. Also training camps before international competition is morally needed
  7. The pressure to fundraise has become too difficult and many athletes chose not to participate in the 2015 Deaflympics which is unfortunate and going forward if fundraising isn’t provided, you will not get new athletes if they can’t afford it. In order to keep it competitive, you must take that burden off the athletes.

“Representing my country and being a role model for the younger generation is a real source of inspiration. If I had known about the Deaflympics as a kid, I would’ve had much more hope and strength to get me through the tough times I endured throughout my childhood.” 

“The Games are an intimate affair that unites diverse communities, cultures and customs through deafness and a mutual love of sports.” 

“The experience of the Olympics being accessible in my language.” 

“Seeing deaf and hard of hearing people come together from all over the world to compete and have fun is a new kind of experience. I feel pride and honor in representing the USA at a prestigious international sporting event. And it is the ultimate culmination of all the hard work it takes into getting there: fueling the passion, putting time and effort into training, and the fundraising.” 

If fundraising weren’t a concern, athletes would be able to train for more than 3 hours a day, with full focus on conditioning, weight training, and mental preparation. Athletes would receive instruction from the best coaches possible, and have access to world-class training facilities. The geographic locations of our athletes wouldn’t be a factor in team cohesion and bonding.